How To SLAY on Tinder PART 2

Alright we back for part 2.

This is the same EXACT message as I sent yesterday but we got a bit of a different response

And….lets see what she responded with

I mean not much different than yesterday but i guess there was a little bit more interest

Again, this part doesn’t fucking matter

Lets carry on lol

Thats what she said, or he said…

Now, you might be thinking “what…this is the same message from the last blog.”

Yes, yes it is. You are SO SMART

Thats Erin from the office by the way^

But I use the same message, besides changing the name where I colored out in red, so that I dont have to come up with a new “dream” every time

When you get so many matches from using the Auto Swiping Extension, you will not have the time or energy to actually come up with a new one for every girl

Now its good to change it up every once in awhile so you don’t get bored haha

But I, to this day, have not had a negative response


A girl ask me if i send this to every other girl

but if you do experience that, just be honest and say “yes because I have too many matches”

๐Ÿ˜‰ that works so well lmaooo

I’ve had it happen to me with a different message I used to send out

So this was her response to that long message I just showed you…


I dont know why but girls are obsessed with desserts such as carrot cake

If you read my previous blog, i said to not be a SIMP so don’t be one and take my carrot cake


I could care less if you use the carrot cake reference

I took it from Zade actually (click on his name to check out his dope youtube vids on pick-up)

But anyways, I got her number

WITHIN 2 messages! I only said 2 things!!

Guys, and gals, its that simple.

Be creative and then literally ask her for what you both are on Tinder for

Dont be naive and think shes not on there for sex or a relationship

Even if they say they aren’t, they really are.

I got another story I’ll share later that ended up being a hookup (before corona) that when I first matched with her, she said she had a “low priority for hookups” or “last thing on her list” or some smokescreen like that LMAO

The Breakfast Club – Great movie

Literally as simple as that

Don’t overcomplicate it

Again last thing, if youโ€™re an avid user of Tinder, I recommend you using a chrome extension I created that automatically swipes right on Tinder for you. It will save you so much time and Iโ€™ve matched with thousands of girls because of it. A key & essential tool to have in your dating arsenal ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cheers and till text time

– Sal

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